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Microblading gives natural-looking eyebrows that are smudge proof. Eyebrow Microblading is a form of permanent makeup.

Benefits of Microblading

The Benefits of Microblading and Why You Should Consider it

Imagine this. You wake up and do your daily morning makeup routine except this time, your brows are already done. Your brows are perfect! I’m serious, and if you’re like me then that means more time to sleep in and who doesn’t want that?

Microblading, a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattoo, can be your awaiting solution and have you ready to present your full face to the outside world without you having to touch them at all!

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that shortens your morning routine. Long lasting results. New brows that are natural looking.

Think of it like this… 

Your eyebrows are one of the first distinct features people notice on you, so obviously you want to have them looking perfectly perfect most of the time right? The problem is you probably strive to get this look by spending endless amounts of money on waxing or threading appointments, or even worse, by over plucking!

Now these types of recurrences often lead to an alteration of your natural brow shape and thickness which causes you to spend even more time and effort in filling them in constantly and yet again spending even more money on the makeup products to achieve a full brow look.

My point is, if you’re tired of having to constantly worry about and keep up with your eyebrows or even just flat out tired of the amount of money and time you put into them over and over again then you might be the perfect candidate for microblading. 

After you hear all these types of benefits that come with microblading, it’s pretty hard to pass up such an amazing beauty hack!

Your time is precious, spend your morning doing what you love

Now we all know how dreadful that process is of having to wake up extra early to “put on” our eyebrows because we are just too stubborn and self-conscious to leave the house without them done. Having a Microblading procedure done can easily eliminate such a hassle and time consuming process. Really, having any form of permanent makeup done will give you more of that beauty sleep you deserve.

One of the biggest gripes when having a permanent makeup treatment done is that you are to be sweat free for 2 weeks! This will ensure the color will stay in your brows, lips, etc… In the grand scheme of saving you 30 minutes plus daily, 2 weeks is a very minimal and reasonable downtime

The results last for years

One of the best things about microblading is that it provides long-lasting results and depending on the person, your beautifully microbladed eyebrows can potentially last up to three years! However, good upkeep will require yearly color boosts/touch ups.

Unlike a traditional tattoo, the pigments used while performing microblading are made to assure that there is no color change. Instead, you should only start to see a loss in saturation (as in the color will get lighter and lighter) which is the indicator that a touch up is needed. Your results will also vary based on skin type and lifestyle. For example, if you have oilier skin, you will want to consider a shading technique like Microshading or Ombre Brows. If you use a lot of anti-aging produts on your skin, be prepared to receive more frequent touch ups because the ink will fade a lot quicker than if you didn’t.

Microblading is ideal for those with thin eyebrows, thinning eyebrows, evenly distributed hair, and sparse eyebrow hair. After having your brows microbladed, you can consider them smudge proof! You will have natural eyebrows like you’ve always desired.

Microblading will save you money

I’m no mathematical genius but I can guarantee my math is right here. Think about how much money you spend on makeup and beauty treatments, yearly. The average spend is $90/month which is $540/year! That adds up at the end of the day, and let’s just say not only will you appreciate the benefits of microblading and cosmetic tattooing but so will your pockets. You could spend about $600, on average, and have your eyebrows and eyeliner done and you would ultimately be saving almost $500 in a 24 month period!

The only other real eyebrow enhancement treatment one can have done is an eyebrow transplant and those cost $3000-6000! Paying $400-600 to have your eyebrows microbladed doesn’t seem so bad any more does it? After having your brows microbladed, you will still have to wax, thread, tint, etc… your brows if you did so previously but you can at least say good-bye to all of your eyebrow makeup!

Don’t worry about upkeep throughout the day

Want to know one of the best feelings in the world? Going for a swim, coming out of the sauna, getting back from a sweaty workout, or even simply washing off your face… and still being able to look in the mirror and see a full set of brows on your lovely face. After the healing process, this is something microblading will be able to give you!

Microblading will free up your morning routine and requires minimal upkeep. Unfortunately, you will still need to tweeze, pluck, wax those out of place hairs but that pales in comparison to spending 30 minutes trying to make your brows symmetrical in the mirror. Toss out those brow pencils and get ready to rock your perfect eyebrows!

Natural-looking eyebrows in under two hours

Natural-looking eyebrows can be created with Microblading in under two hours. A typical treatment takes a maximum of 2 hours by an experienced artist and closer to three hours by a newer one. However, it’s typically the mapping/drawing process that takes a majority of that time. The actual Microblading portion only takes about 20-30 minutes.

People who suffer from hair loss, like alopecia or trichotillomania, benefit greatly from this beauty treatment. Microblading gives them new brows and creates natural-looking results. Whereas a traditional tattoo on the eyebrow area will give a very harsh, solid, unnatural look which may last longer but is far less desirable.

Benefit of permanenet makeup is Smudge proof eyebrow microblading. Natural looking pigment colors to match hair.

It shouldn’t hurt

If you’re one who is worried about the pain then I can assure you that it’s not supposed to be extremely painful. Two different types of numbing should be applied. The first will be a numbing cream and it will be applied topically on the brow area, prior to making any cuts/hair strokes in the skin. Another numbing agent, meant for penetrating the bloodstream, is then used after the skin is broken. The treatment can be a bit uncomfortable but you should not be in ‘pain’. You may have side effects from the numbing agents if you are allergic or sensitive to lidocaine or any numbing agent ending in –caine. If you have any heart issues, it’s important you warn your artist of this prior to your treatment as well because the penetrating numbing agent can cause heart palpitations. It will help if you are able to avoid alcohol and caffeine at least 24 hours prior to your treatment and you are also not on or around your period. For a deeper dive into your questions about pain, check out our article “Does Microblading Hurt?”

Interested in learning more about microblading?

If you’re interested in perfect eyebrows and still have questions in regards to how a Microblading treatment works, please visit our treatment page here. Taylor and Cassandra have performed Microblading on thousands of clients over the past six years and revamped their beautiful client’s faces with new brows. Their expertise is unparalleled. The types of cosmetic tattooing they specialize in are: Eyebrow Microblading, Microshading, Tattoo Removal, Lip Blush, and Eyeliner. You can see their work on Instagram @covetbeautystudio 

You can book an appointment on our website or send us a text or email and we can set you up with an in person consultation. We do charge $50 for in person consults but the fee will go toward your service.

If your’e interested in becoming a Microblading artist and/or permanent makeup artist and training with us, we would love chat and answer any questions you may have. You can grab more info here. You don’t need to be an esthetician or a cosmetologist to be a Permanent Makeup Artist! Just be committed and willing to learn. We’ll help you with the rest.

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  1. I did not know that microblading may produce brows that seem natural in less than two hours. Thanks for also explaining how this aesthetic procedure is quite helpful for those who have hair loss due to conditions like trichotillomania or alopecia.  If this is the case, I’ll have my mom know about this cosmetic procedure from a facility that has proper microblading certification. Her thinning eyebrows are something she hates so this would be good for her.

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