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Microblading Healing Process

Microblading Healing Process

During Microblading healing, it is normal for the brows to itch, for the skin to look red, and for the scabs to peel off, or not peel off in some cases. Let’s address each one of these concerns.

microblading healing. day 3 microblading healing. microblading aftercare. flaky brows.
Day 3 Microblading Healing

My Brows are very itchy.

After having the brows Microbladed, you will then go through a healing process for about the following 6 weeks with the first 2 weeks giving you the most concerns and questions. Around days 4-7, the brows will begin scabbing and become fairly itchy for most. Don’t scratch them! Don’t pick them! Picking them can pull the pigment out of your skin and also potentially leave a scar. If your brow artist gave you a balm to apply, follow their aftercare directions and use it. It will help the itchy to subside a bit. Don’t ever apply Aquaphor, A&D, or Vaseline to them. The itchiness usually only lasts a couple days while the skin is dry. You can hang in there. 

The scabs fell off and my brows are red.

After the scabs fall-off, your skin is likely light red or pink. This is because the Microblading took off the first couple layers of dead skin and you are seeing fresh, new skin. This isn’t anything to be concerned about. Between weeks 3-6 of healing, the pigment will gradually return to the top layer of skin and you will see your Microbladed strokes as opposed to red skin.

microblading healing. flakey eyebrows. eyebrow healing. microblading itchy brows. patchy microblading.
Day 7 Microblading Healing.

My brows are peeling off.

A lot of clients start freaking out around the week-mark during healing because the scabs are falling off and it looks like there isn’t much pigment in the skin where the scab fell off. Remember, the Microblading went a few layers deep into your epidermis so it’s just the top couple layers of epidermis that are shedding off. They would’ve shed off whether you had Microblading done or not because of natural cell turnover. If you see any of the scabs come off and you look at the back of it, you will likely see each individual stroke that was made. Again, try not to worry. If your Microblading was done properly, over the next 2-5 weeks the pigment will return.

microblading healing. patchy brows. patchy eyebrows. eyebrows flaking. microblading itchy. scratchy microblading. no pigment microblading.
Day 6 Microblading Healing.

My brows aren’t peeling off.

If your artist gave you a balm to apply to your brows during healing and you find that you’re past the 1-week mark of having them done and they aren’t scabbing and peeling off, it is because you are using way too much of the balm. You are keeping them to moist so they aren’t able to dry out. Stop using the balm and let them dry out on their own. If you’ve hit 2 weeks and they still haven’t peeled, go ahead and lightly wash the brows with water and mild soap and the scabs will likely come right off. You don’t have to worry about scarring at this point because the skin is already healed.

If we didn’t cover one of the concerns you have here, then please send us a message and we will be more than happy to offer our advice.

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