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The Importance of Sanitation and Sterilization in the Permanent Makeup Industry

Permanent Makeup Sanitation and Sterilization

Did you know that it’s actually very easy to cross contaminate when performing a Permanent Makeup Treatment? We must always make sure that we utilize proper cleaning methods and techniques when looking out for the best interest of our clients and ourselves.

Permanent makeup sanitation and sterilization are essential to maintaining the safety of both clients and technicians. Permanent makeup application involves the use of needles and other tools that come into contact with the skin, and even blood, so it is important to ensure that these tools are properly cleaned and sterilized before each use.

Client Safety

To ensure the safety of clients, all permanent makeup tools must be cleaned and sterilized before each service. Disposable tools, such as needles and applicators, should be discarded after use, and reusable tools such as permanent makeup machines should be thoroughly disinfected with a medical-grade disinfectant. All surfaces should also be cleaned and disinfected between clients.

Disposable Tools

Disposable tools, such as Microblading handles, blades/needles, razors and machine cartridges should all be disposed of in a sharps container. Any items that have blood on them, should be properly disposed of in a biohazard bag.

Work Station

It is also important to maintain clean and sanitary workstations. All work surfaces and chairs should be wiped down with a medical-grade disinfectant before and after each use, and all makeup and supplies should be stored in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight.

By following these sanitation and sterilization guidelines, you can help ensure the safety of everyone involved in permanent makeup services.

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