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Have you been dreaming of doing something bigger and better this year?

There’s nothing more rewarding than launching or expanding your own business or side hustle.
Grab our 5 Steps to Becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist Guide





Most frequent questions and answers

A: Microblading, Microshading, and Tattoo Removal all fall under the PMU category.

A: Currently we only offer classes in San Diego but if you have 3+ students interested in learning one of our training programs, we would be happy to make travel arrangements.

A: We covet color theory in our Beginner Microblading Course. We will teach you all about Tina Davies pigments, their undertone colors, who to use them on, how to mix them, etc. You will then make a color chart with the pigments in your kit so you can better see the undertones in the colors and it’s also a great tool to show your clients when picking out a color.

A: Ombre brows are typically referred to when talking about ‘machine shading’ options and different shading techniques. Ombre just means that the brows will be lighter toward the front of the brow (toward the nose) and then get darker as you move closer to the tip of the tail. This can also be achieved with Microshading. 

Powder brows is another form of permanent makeup and is done with a machine shading technique. When we teach ‘Microshading’, the shading portion can be considered ‘powder brows’ as a machine is used to tap ink into the skin creating a powder appearance.

A: Absolutely! Being in the beauty industry means that you can run your own business and make your own hours. Who wouldn’t want that? Specifically the permanent makeup and permanent cosmetics industry can prove to be very lucrative. Permanent makeup has come a long way and it now gives women a natural look without daily effort. Women can wake up and have a shorter skin care routine and the perfect brow shape. Who wouldn’t want a more simple morning routine?

If you’re ready to explore the world of a permanent makeup career, check out the training courses we offer here.

A: If you’re looking into getting into permanent eyebrows, you should start with microblading training. Our beginner course will give you the in-depth, step by step guidance and hands-on training you will need to start off on the right foot. You will learn color theory, brow mapping, stroke pattern, and you will get to work on a live model. You don’t need to be in cosmetology to take this course or any other permanent makeup courses.

Once you have completed that course, you will want to take Microshading and Tattoo Removal. In the Microshading training program you will be taught a shading technique that you will be able to pair with your Microblading skills. It’s best to know both Microblading and Microshading because the type of brows you give someone will  depend on the client’s skin type. If a client’s skin is more oily, they will need Microshading. If a client has dry or normal skin and their brow hair is thin, they could be a good candidate for Microblading.

Tattoo Removal is also great to know because if you have these three skills, you won’t have to turn away any clients.


A: There is nothing you necessarily need to do prior to training. However, you will need to obtain your Body Art Permit prior to working on a live model. Every county is different but in San Diego, you must take a bloodborne pathogen course prior to applying for your permit. Those are typically $30-35 and take about 2 hours to complete. For a list of items you must turn in to apply for your permit, check out San Diego’s Health Department’s site here.

A: Microblading is a form of permanent makeup where a small blade is used to create thin hair-like strokes throughout a person’s brows, giving the illusion of a full, natural brow. Is it a semi-permanent procedure, with results lasting 1-3 years. Microblading is meant to be a natural enhancement, and to create the appearance of full, beautiful brows. It looks most natural on clients who have full brow hair, and are wanting to perfect their shape and add natural fullness. The finer hair you have, the more natural it will appear. This is not an ideal service for those with little natural hair, hair that is patchy, or coarse hair. 

A Microshaded brow is a combination brow combining microblading strokes with machine shading. Like microblading, results typically last 1-3 years depending on your skin type. If you have naturally sparse brow hair or uneven brow growth, a combination brow is perfect for you! Soft shading blends out any unevenness in the growth and can give a more 3D result. It is also ideal for those looking for a more defined or filled in brow. We can add as much or as little shading to give a variety of different looks!



No matter what training you take with us, we run all of them almost the same. Today, I’m going to share with you the schedule of our most popular training… Microblading!

Day 1: Meet and Greet Trainers and Students
Go through handbook and discuss Theory
Color Theory- Learn about color, pigments, undertones, and make a color chart
Brow Mapping- Work on a mannequin head and follow our step by step guide to map on your mannequin head
Learn our Covet Stroke Pattern step by step. Start practicing on paper.

Day 2: Continue practicing the stroke pattern on fake skin.
Learn about the Microblading tool, the blade, how the blade inserts into the tool, how to hold the tool, body positioning, etc…
Practice on fake skin with the Microblading tool and blade
Lunch (all together)
Continue practicing on fake skin
Watch tray and bed set up for client
Observe a full live model for Microblading from start to finish

Go home and continue practicing on fake skin. Send us photos of you work, receive critiques, and continue practicing and getting better. You will then return 4-6 weeks after class to work on a live model that you bring in, under direct supervision.

If you have questions about any of our trainings, drop it below.


5 Habits to Become a Successful Artist

1.Don’t compare yourself to others! Just like with everything in life, every individual is at a different place in their journey. Stay focused and work to improve yourself, your craft, and your art everyday.

2.Clarify what makes you stand out. Do you give exceptional customer service? Do you prefer taking a certain demographic? Do you hand out cute aftercare kits? Whatever it is, do it the best you can and make it something that you’re known for. THIS will help you feel unique in a world that may seem big to you.

3.Practice! Just because you’ve been doing brows for more than a year, doesn’t mean the practice should stop. Sit down, bust out a piece of fake skin, and complete a couple sets of brows a few times a week. This will improve your muscle memory.

4.Be a lifelong learner. You don’t need to necessarily go out and learn every single permanent makeup technique but you should stay up to date on the trends in your industry. For example, if you are a microblading artist and it’s all you have interest in doing, then learn all you can about it. Have you taken an extra course on color theory? You could learn a new stroke pattern that may suit some of your clientele better than others. Always strive to be better.

5.If you need a bit of encouragement, try complimenting others. What you give out will come back to you. Just because you own your own business (it can feel lonely sometimes) doesn’t mean you are alone. There are plenty of others in the PMU world that are going through some of the same challenges as you. So don’t be afraid to reach out. Maybe you give yourself a goal to complement 1-3 artists on Instagram daily. You will soon start to feel the love in return.

Share with us one habit that you feel has made you successful at what you do.

☀️I’ve found that having a routine can really help put my mind in the place it needs to be on a daily basis. When we don’t have a routine, life can seem chaotic and instead of us controlling most situations, we let the day unravel and in turn, we get stressed. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem fun! I’m all about ‘grabbing the bull by its horns’! When you’re having a rough day, try a few of these to change your mindset:

💚Get your body moving! You don’t need to necessarily commit to an hour workout, but you can go for a 20 minute walk outside. This will get your endorphins going which are your happy hormones. I promise you won’t feel worse after you’re done. You’ll probably even walk for longer than 20 minutes!
💚Breathe! Take a deep breath in for 4 counts and then breathe out for 4 counts. Do this 10 times. Your body will relax and the stress will start to fade.
💚Call a friend. There has to be someone in your life that’s your ‘go to’ that has all the answers when you’re having a ‘day’. Give them a call and get off the phone feeling empowered.
😃Share with us what you do when you’re stressed out and things aren’t going on your way. Maybe your tip can help someone else.

Are you a new artist trying to find your place?

It can be overwhelming if you are scrolling IG and find yourself comparing your work to other more experienced artists.

Here are a couple tips to avoid this common downfall:

1. Get confident with your work. How do you do that you may ask. Practice! Are you putting in the time to practice or are you simply just feeling bad for yourself? The artists that have the clients, put in the work to get there.

2.Share yourself on social media. This one could be difficult as we all don’t love to blast our lives on IG. However, people need to know you before they will buy from you. So not only is it important that you share the business side of things, but be sure to share some clips of your daily life as well.

We would love to hear something about you. Drop us your favorite thing to do in your spare time in the comments below.


How much time do you spend scrolling, comparing yourself to others? Other artists, other moms, other women, …? Honestly, HOW MUCH?! It’s time to STOP! It sounds cliche but YOU are the only “YOU”! Try any of these 3 tips the next time you catch yourself scrolling and comparing:

1. Limit your time on social media. – This should go without saying as most of our comparing occurs while scrolling on social media. Check out how much time you’re spending daily on Instagram and start cutting it down by even 5-10 minutes a day!

2. Count your blessings. – It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not. Take a moment and write down 5-10 things you are thankful for. I guarantee that recognizing these things will give you an instant flow of endorphins and put a smile on your face.

3. Use comparison as motivation. – Instead of looking at what others are doing and thinking that their life is “so much better” than yours, use it as motivation. Do you like the way that girl looks in a bikini? Try working out a little more or harder. Are you jealous that someone seems to always be on vacation? Maybe it’s time to pick up a side hustle so you can earn a little more money and take some vacations. These things are not out of reach. You just need to change your mindset towards them.

In the comments below, tell us what makes YOU original! Don’t worry, you can brag 😉

I’ve owned my own businesses and been my own boss for the past 12 years! Not having to answer to anyone above me has allowed me infinite time freedom. Since having kids, this has been the best decision I could’ve made. Being my own boss allows me to:
✅ Work the house I want to work
✅ Spend more time with my kids and husband
✅ Take vacations and days off that align with my kid’s school schedule
✅ Have limitless earning potential
Which of those things are you most interested in attaining? Let us know in the comments below.

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Have you been considering a career in Permanent Makeup?

Well, the good news is, we can help 😉

We take pride in our trainings and want to be sure to always give you the best. We are constantly updating our handbook to make sure you have the newest up to date information when it comes to all things brows. When you take our Microblading training, we also provide you with access to our Online Training Portal for 3 months. You can watch/rewatch videos on mapping, stroke pattern, how to talk to clients, etc… The type of training you will receive with us goes over and beyond what you will get anywhere else.

If you are curious how to become a PMU artist, check out our Free Guide – Link in Bio.

We can’t wait to show you more.

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How long does it take you to draw your brows on?
20 minutes? 30 minutes? More???

Having your brows Microbladed can be a huge financial investment but I’m here to tell you that it’s worth every penny. Think about how much more time you’ll have for your friends, kids, and husbands when you don’t have to spend that extra 30+ minutes trying to get your brows even in the mirror only for them to turn out super thick, dark, and still uneven because again, you just couldn’t get it right.

Can I get an AMEN?! 🙏


Have you been trying to seek out the PERFECT training for you?

There are a few Red Flags that you should keep an eye out for.

Cheap Training. A good PMU Training that’s 2-4 days, should cost you $3500+! If it’s any less than that, you should turn the other way. Training isn’t something you want to look for a ‘deal’ in. Because at the end of the day, you’ll need to pay even more money to learn what you weren’t taught in the first training and you’ll then be out of pocket even MORE than you would’ve, had you invested properly the first time around.

Trainer with Minimal Experience. There are a lot of ‘trainers’ out there but they aren’t all ‘good artists’ or ‘good trainers’. If a trainer hasn’t been in the PMU industry for a minimum of 2-3 years, you shouldn’t be learning from them. Check out their student reviews. What are their students saying about them and their training? Is it something you can get behind?

No Support After Training. I can scream this one from the rooftops! Will your trainer be available for questions after training has finished? Most will take your money and disappear right after class. Questions will come up as you start taking clients and getting your brand new business going so make sure you will have support.

If you want to learn more about what we have to offer, book a call with us so we can tell you more.



💋Always remember you are:
💚Braver than you believe.
💚Stronger than you seem.
💚Smarter than you think.
💚And Twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagined!

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💚In any industry, I feel like ‘making six figures’ is something most people shoot to attain. Owning your own business allows you to have no income ceiling! Meaning, you always have the potential to earn M-O-R-E! Here are 3 tips to taking your Permanent Makeup business to the next step and closer to earning six figures:

1. Hire another artist to work for you. If you’re booked out 2+ months, it’s time to hire! Bring in someone that you trust and help fill their books. Take a percentage instead of having them pay booth rent. Be very picky in who you bring on and stay positive. Once you hire the right person, you’ll both be unstoppable!

2. Add another service or two to your treatment list. If you are currently only offering Microblading, learn how to do tattoo removal and potentially even shading. Choose a service(s) that all go together so you can be the ‘go to specialist’ when it comes to that line of work. Knowing multiple services in the same market segment will help you to never turn down a potential client which in turn, makes you more money.

3. Sticking with what I mentioned in #2, think about how you can ‘make more money in less time’. What is your current ‘hourly’ rate if you were to break down your prices? Is there another treatment you can add or add on that would increase your ‘hourly rate’. This will help you work smarter not harder.

If you’re interested in adding another treatment to your list of services, check out the link in our bio – “Covet Training Courses”💻

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